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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Acoustic Agony


Deleting this post as it is no longer applicable and no need to have responses
June 14, 2013 @01:47am

I have an old Martin D18 that my dad left to me in 1979 , I wanted to put a pickup in it to record with, I talked to a pro. several years ago he recommended a Fishman I got the "Natural" they had a couple more or one more I think I remember that had more gain or something, this one is stereo but I use a regular mono cord with it, but has stereo out if ever needed and has awesome specs., but the part that sold me is the sound, i play a couple songs in lowered tunings it has exceptional bass response, . and it sounds just like the guitars own tone!
It may not prove to be that way for everyone, but I was sure lucky. it is just a thin piezo strip I am remembering something on the order of .056" (a credit card is like .030" thick) but it has been a while, I'm sure specs are available online for them.
I was a machinsist at the time and so i milled a few thousands at a time off the bridge, until the action was where i liked it.. could be done with a hand file if carefully ensuring it stayed flat as you rubbed it on the file or get someone to do it for you, etc.
The little piezo pickup strip goes under the bridge, and the rear strap peg is where the plugin goes so it isn't noticeable even, I did install a 9v battery clip inside, (1 small screw) I have used it in a professional studio, and the engineer decided to use it to record with rather than their acoustic. I would highly recommend the Fishman, I can't remember the price for sure, but it was less than $200. when I purchased it a few years back.
I just did a search, found this: http://www.fishman.com/products/filter/type:pickups
It looks like they have changed a bit since I aquired mine. I cannot vouch for the other styles at all, I have no experience with them.
July 15, 2013 @04:39am