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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Looking For Feedback


Hello All,
I'm new to the Sweetwater world, however, I've been aware of Sweetwater and have checked out it's huge inventory many times over the years. So, I'm looking at buying a gorgeous Gibson ES-335 Dot Neck reissue.
However, I've never purchased a guitar online before and I'm vascilating a bit because it seems to be a very different way to buy a guitar. Normally one gets to check it out personaly, hold it, and see what it sounds like and how it plays.
So, I'm 98-99% ready to go, but can anyone share their experience with Sweetwater with me just to get some insights from those of you who've had the experience? As I mentioned, I'm pretty much ready to do the deal but your input will ease my mind that little bit that I need to be sure!
Thanks in advance for your help!
May 27, 2013 @02:18am

The first thing I would say is to call a Sweetwater Sales Engineer and talk to them personally about the return policy. It's spelled out here: http://www.sweetwater.com/help/returns-exchanges.php but rest-assured, hearing from them is the best way to set your mind at-ease.
I've never bought a guitar from them, but I have purchased thousands of dollars of gear from them and when something doesn't work out, they really bend over backwards to make it right. I had a guitar pedal doing weird things once and I had a replacement in two days -didn't even have to wait for my return shipment to go out...
May 27, 2013 @03:01am

Hello Taylor,
I thought I would let you know one of the many items that I've purchased from Sweetwater in the last few years was a Gibson Les Paul Standard plus 2008 (or was it 2009, can't remember!!) in Wine Red with a AA grade top.
When I ordered it of course I spoke to my sales rep David Mikataudze (God, I hope I spelled that right!!) I always listen carefully to David. He has been very good to me. Beyond what anyone would say was the call of duty.
Needless to say when the guitar arrived it was, of course gorgeous and stunning. It was set-up fairly well. It did have a few set-up problems that I easily corrected myself, but these were mostly subjective personal preferences, not problems with the guitar. In fact the fit and finish were fantastic. First rate !!! This was not a "Custom Shop" model, but one from the factory floor.
I've owned 7 Les Pauls throughout my life. extensively played probably 20 more, (I own my own shop, repairs, custom builds) 6 of which of were vintage, made before 1961. Believe it or not, this guitar, stock, straight from the factory plays better, sounds better, and sustains longer than any of the previous ones that I've owned or played. This includes a '52, a 53', a 57, and a 60. The '68 and '71 aren't even in the same category as this new one,
None of the others had the same quality of fit and finish as the new one either. Believe me, I am no fanboi and I know what a great guitar is. This guitar I bought on-line from Sweetwater is one great guitar. I will not sell it, I will not trade it. My grandson (who will inherit it) will have to pry it out of my dead fingers because I will be trying to "take it with me" all the way to the end.
One thing about the new Les Paul; it is chambered for weight relief. I love it. A regular Strat weighs more than my LP. No more aching back and shoulders!!!!!!!!!!!
In fact I believe that chambering is one of the things that make this guitar so good.
It is a pleasure to play because of the asymmetrical neck. I've never played a more comfortable, easier to play guitar. Not counting the fingerboard, that is. I have to say, the "Pleck" set-up, at least on my LP, wasn't that great. Probably because a machine did it. Not a Human.
But, no big deal for me, as I mentioned above I have my own shop and tools. Set her up myself just the way I like it.
Go for it. Get your 335. I'm positive you won't regret it. In fact I bet you will be surprised at the quality of the guitar you get.
November 20, 2013 @01:12am

Hey-- I just bought another guitar from Sweetwater tonight(The Ibanez 8-string on sale). That makes 4 guitars, a Marshall stack,a bunch of effects,cords,strings,etc. Ask for Karl Long. In knowing him for a while I can't say enough about his knowledge. I've been playing guitar since 1965 & he still surprises me. The dude knows his stuff. Both my brothers & I check w/him before we buy anything,even if it's not on Sweetwater's site. I sent him a Christmas present last year,'nuff said. He has 4600 clients & still remembers what's going on in my life & ALWAYS has time to talk to me. I suggest going to a store & playing guitars to pick 1 out,then call Karl. No tax saves 10% over a store & no shipping $'s on anything. They ship the fastest of anyone in the business. After this they should pay me but I'm giving it to you straight.--JB
November 26, 2013 @02:31am