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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Jerry Garcia-esque guitar


Hey all!
Anyone have any ideas which Sweetwater guitar would be best for Grateful Dead music- especially Garcia's stuff. Obviously I cannot afford a $10,000 Alembic- they are way out of my range. I've played Godin's, Les Pauls, Strats...so far cannot seem to get the sounds I want, but Strats are the closest I can get so far.
Any suggestions would be welcome!
May 18, 2013 @05:24pm

Well I know you posted this in May so it might not be relevant now, hehe. But anyway, Jerry Garcia played a Gibson SG for awhile early on, he also played a strat before getting the wolf guitar, which was made by alembic, the pickup configuration on the wolf was like a strat.
The main thing about playing the Grateful Dead and sounding like Jerry Garcia isn't really in the guitar. The way to approach the way Jerry Garcia played is in how he played not what he played. More of the Jerry Garcia sound came from how he used his right hand and also and more over the left hand touch. Jerry Garcia used a flat pick but also used his other fingers on his right hand for picking, which when playing cords that way you can get a piano type cording as well as your more typical finger picking style.
For playing the like Jerry Garcia the best thing to do is to listen into his playing and then seeing if you can get the same sort of sound and I mean sound in the notes not tone of the instrument. Once you get Jerry Garcia's style down it won't matter what guitar you play, acoustic or electric and any brand or model.
October 5, 2013 @10:59am