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Home speaker system - product recommendations


Hey all -
So I've spent the last several hours cruising the forums and the great wide interwebs looking for a good turn-key solution to the system I have in my head, and haven't found much. SO, guess it's time to start a thread of my very own. Any and all help / leads is appreciated.
Current setup:
House-wide (802.11) network, the house is big enough that there are two base stations, a master & slave, on two adjacent floors. Wireless signal is quite good throughout the house.
I have speakers plugged into each of the two base stations, and use AirFoil (www.rogueamoeba.com) to stream music to some or all of them, as I choose.
- a couple scenarios to explain what I'm talking about: (1) I'm sitting working on something in 1 room, and I stream all computer system audio to the speaker system in the room I'm in. (2) I'm throwing a party, and I hide my laptop in the bedroom (so it doesn't get hurt) and stream music to all the speakers in the house.
What I want:
to add more unique speaker nodes. I would like to purchase a system that has the following featureset:
- AC power supply (these speakers are not going to move around after I set them up)
- 802.11 interface, with a uniquely addressable node, so that AirFoil can find them
- Decent sound, preferably a speaker tower with a sub, midrange, and tweeter in the stack.
- reasonably priced.
Essentially, I'm looking for something like Avega Systems' Oyster Audio except preferably by a company that hasn't gone out of business, or the PURE Jongo S340B except preferably available in the US!)
What I do not want:
- to purchase a bunch of AirPort Expresses (or logitechs or ...) and plug them in all over the house, and then purchase a bunch of speaker systems and plug them into the AirPort Expresses (or similar)
- battery powered speakers
- bluetooth
- 900MHz systems
Thanks in advance!
May 17, 2013 @12:21am