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Tascam US-122 / Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 4 MIDI Issue


I all,
I am trying to use my Alesis SR16 drum machine as a trigger for drum sounds in GTPro4's SI Drummer; I have heard this is possible. It's connected via MIDI cable to my US-122, which is connected via USB to my Dell Inspiron 1545, Windows XP. I can see that MIDI info is getting to the 122, but the 122 does not show up as a MIDI device in GTPro4. It works fine as an audio device; the only problem is it is not appearing in the MIDI devices list.
I've tried all manner of reconnecting/restarting etc, but the darned thing just won't show up. Very frustrating since I have no issues with its showing up as an audio device. What am I doing wrong, I wonder...
I've read that it won't necessarily be recognized as a MIDI device because the MIDI is coming from another external source, i.e. the SR16, while others have success doing this very thing...
Many thanks,
May 12, 2013 @04:57pm

not clear: Is it not sending data or do you just not see the name?
midi devices don't report the name of the device, you'll only see the name of the midi port.
(midi was designed in the 70s and was not device intelligent back then...)
May 12, 2013 @08:40pm

Hi Tim,
Thanks for checking out my post. I'll try to explain as clearly as I can---I'm even older than midi!
To my understanding, in order to receive midi, Guitar Tracks Pro 4 must "see" the device that is sending midi into the computer. To select a track's midi source, you have to choose the device from a list of midi devices that the DAW sees. In this case, it should be the Tascam US-122 that should be sending the midi from the SR-16 into the computer. But the US122 does not show up on the device list (it's the only outboard device), so I can't send the midi data into the DAW to trigger the sounds in the Studio Instruments Drums plugin. Midi is reaching the US-122 from the SR-16, according to the 122's Midi In light. Interestingly, the computer monitor's taskbar shows a midi input/output activity icon, when the US 122 is plugged in, so the comp is aware that it's there.
Again, the US-122 is also my audio interface and there are no issues with it in that regard, it shows up in the Audio Devices choice dialog (ASIO) and sends and receives audio fine.
Hope this helps, many thanks!
May 13, 2013 @12:18am

Got it. Sounds more like a Windows driver issue.
I'd start by removing the drivers and try re-installing all over again.
May 13, 2013 @01:33pm