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TRS cable problems with monitors


hopefully a simple fix: I'm running a split TRS cable from the monitor-send jack on my Mackie ProFX8 to a pair of powered monitors. Can only get the "tip" monitor to work. Switched them around to make sure both monitors are ok, and they are. Also used a TRS-RCA split cable with same results, so I doubt both cables are bad. (besides, they're new) Does this sound like a defective jack on the mixer, or am I missing something else. Input gains on speakers are set properly, and I do get sound out of each speaker when I switch the Tip/Ring jacks between the speakers. Thanks for any advice!
May 11, 2013 @02:05am
Joe Muscara

I've looked quickly at the Mackie docs, and I've noticed a couple of things. One, in the Hookup Diagrams, there is one line going from Mon Send to one speaker, and the next speaker appears to tap off of the first. Two, the Mon Send section on page 15 doesn't describe any sort of L/R. It doesn't explicitly say it's one channel, but it doesn't say it's two, either. In fact, look at the section about the 1/4" Main Outs in the next column. It describes using those as balanced outputs to balanced or unbalanced inputs.
In other words, I think the Mon Send out uses 1/4" TRS as a cheaper and easier way to connect to balanced inputs on the monitors.
May 11, 2013 @11:48am