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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Background noise when recording


I am trying to record guitar directly through my Tascam US-100, however this little dude is making a hiss noise and it is very audible when I add distortion to the guitar.
Even if I disconnect the guitar wire from the audio interface, the hiss noise tone and level is exactly the same.
At first I thought that it's because my audio interface sucks, so I bought a 24Bit Akai eie pro, however the noise level and tone is exactly the same with this one too.
So I guess it's a problem indipendant from the audio interface....
How do I fix this?
Would a power filter help?
Here's how it sounds:
April 23, 2013 @09:49am
Jim Tavegia

I had an older computer and I had to tolerate a -55 db noice floor due to the sorry power supply built into the computer. I did try an MIT power cord and that dropped it to close to -65db, but I don't record into my computer anymore due to those issues. I feel like a computer should be at least -75 to -80 db for recording purposes.
I now do all my recording into Tascam DR-2d's or my Dr-07. All take SD-HC cards. I only use my computer for mastering and disc burning any more. Sony has a PCM-M10 that is also worth considering. With mics and mic pres or a direct box that is what I would be doing. If you need more than 2 tracks consider one of their multi-track units that are affordable and many have built in disc burning.
October 14, 2013 @09:33pm