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LS9 master slider/ fader use


I have been told not to mess with the master volume slider/fader on the LS9 board. They said if I do it will change other items. I have been told that if I want more or less volume in the house I am to raise or lower all the sliders on the channels. I do understand that the subs will not change as you raise or lower the level but I thought that the master was strickly a level (after all the processing and mixing) into the mains.
March 23, 2013 @11:44pm

The main L/R fader will affect only the following:
The main L/R outputs.
The level of the L/R signals that are fed to any of the Matrix Busses.
The level of the Mono bus IF the L/R and Mono faders are linked.
If will not affect any of the buses that are configured as groups or auxes.
It would be quite silly to configure the console in such a way that the L/R fader could not be used without "messing something up". It may be that one or more of the Matrix outputs are being used to feed the nursery, overflow room, or a recording device. One would think that if the sound in the house needs to be adjusted overall, that these other rooms (etc.) would also need to be adjusted.
March 26, 2013 @01:06am