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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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clocking/syncing issues Ramsa DA7, Tascam 1884, Behringer ADA8000 ART SyncGen


I'm catching it trying to lock my Ramsa DA7, 1884 & Behringer ADA8000 to my ART SyncGen. I've tried several different combinations tho I have not tried making the ADA8000 the master. Right now I have the SyncGen out > 1884 in & 1884 out > DA7 in. I have 3 slots in the DA7 slot 1 AD/DA (Analog card), slot 2 ADAT Card (1884) & slot 3 ADAT card (ADA8000). Before I tore down I had the DA7 & 1884 working well together. introduce more digital gear it all goes to hell! lol I have not begun to work the 828 mkII & RME ADI-8 pro into the mix yet. Any insight to offer? Any clarification needed let me know.
1884 Firewire > PC
1884 Analog ins/outs > DA7 ad/da card slot 1
1884 ADAT in/out > DA7 ADAT card slot 2
Behringer ADA8000 in/out > DA7 ADAT card slot 3
Motu 828mkII firewire > PC
RME 1/4" outs > 828 ins
RME ADAT aux/main > 828 ADA in/out
SyncGen out > DA7 in
SyncGen out > 1884 in
SyncGen out > Motu 828 mkII in
SyncGen out > RME ADI-8 pro in
Behringer ADA8K > DA& out/thru
Optional RME BNC in > Motu 828mkII BNC out??
Hopefully my terminators will be here tomrrow or sat.
Art SyncGen also has 2 spdif connection but in all honesty not really sure how they work (Word with spdif).
BTW... Someone said I have to use the correct boot sequence? How do I know what the correct boot sequence is?
March 8, 2013 @04:18am