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Editing audio with Ableton 8 and Audition CS6 - Audio Quality question

danny hard

Hi, I'm a DJ and I like to edit my tracks using Ableton Live 8 and Adobe Audition CS6. Everything is just working fine, but I'm not sure about the quality of the tracks when I export them from the softwares.
I could, by being a complete noob, change the sample rate to 192000Hz and bit depth to 32-bit (maximum rates), but I guess this just isn't the right thing to do hehehe.
When I buy or download my tracks they always come as MP3, 320kbps, 44100 Hz, 32-bit. Then I use Audition to edit them, exporting as WAVE, 1411kbps, 44100 Hz, 16-bit. Then I use Ableton and export the track with the same parameters as Audition.
One thing that I observed is that the track volume tends to grow everytime I export it on software, maybe the problems are bigger than just volume, I need your help to find out :D
Should I change the bit depth to 32?? (I'm not doing it yet cause my tracks are going to be 2x the size, but if its the right way of maintaining quality I will do it)
Thanks in advance :D
March 7, 2013 @01:31pm

Dont save them at 192k.
When you upsample, it only adds zeros to the front of the number.
00000000012345 is not 'better' than 12345, it just takes up more space.
If you are going to edit the files, then keep them at resolution you get them (32/44.1k) until you are done editing, then export to cd-standard 16bit/44.1k.
If you are not going to do any further edits, then just save them at cd-standard 16bit/44.1k
There is no reason to keep your final files any bigger, they just take up more space (and no one is going to notice any difference outside a studio with high-end equipment).
March 7, 2013 @03:35pm