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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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on social consciencelessness


I would like some insight. Maybe this is about a psychology that no one understands. Maybe, not seeing very clearly, I'm part of a small minority to whom it isn't obvious. Perhaps it should go on some sort of social science website, but audio, an intrinsic part of its subject matter, is part of the life of probably everyone who uses this site.
Its about playing audio: music, television, any personal entertainment, but mostly music, loud enough to intrude on other people. To narrow it sufficiently, we can stick to playing music (or TV, etc.) in a residential neighborhood, in your home or backyard or any part of your property (in contrast to downtown in the business district, on the open highway, etc.), loud enough that the neighbors can not escape it without leaving town.
It seems to me a simple matter of common courtesy that one does not impose his entertainment on other people. The standard isn't "under X dBA," it is "can it be heard by people who don't want to hear it," period. It is always possible to do it more quietly, or use headphones, so you are not attacking anyone, yet some people will be quite aggressive in their own indulgence, regardless of the effect on anyone else.
Some people might not care, they seem to be able to tune out anything. Some people might enjoy hearing what you are hearing, so those people are less to the point. What reasoning leads people to take the chance, or demand it as a right, that even one person be harmed?
February 19, 2013 @12:52am

I would also open this up to garage bands that practice late into the evening hours on a residential street. We have just such a group of individuals across the street and two houses down. I can hear it clearly enough in any part of my house to tell you that the drummer needs a metronome and the singer needs lessons. I completely agree with this and have had the misfortune to live adjacent to such individuals. More than once, I've thought about putting my knowledge of audio properties and hardware to vengeful use in a sort of, "you want noise, I'll show you noise" kind of way.
Unfortunately, I feel like one's expectation of private, quiet space is slowly shrinking as a witch's brew of technological conveniences and bad parenting is making inconsiderate noise polluters more prevalent. If you're seriously asking about the motivation of such individuals, I cannot comment to that. I've never felt the need to "enjoy" any audio at a potentially damaging SPL before and I can't for the life of me understand the allure. At some point, it's a lack of compassion for one's fellow human beings, which unfortunately is becoming more and more pervasive in just about every aspect of life. It's pretty sad.
February 20, 2013 @01:58pm