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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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please review my songs/vocals


Hello All
Hello all I am a bass player and have been playing for a little while, have done some back up singing in previous band nothing major. We have lost our singer in my current band and have recorded some tracks (live off the floor then some over dubs/effects ect and vox added later)
I have done some vocal tracks for some of the songs (the same idea mostly one tack reverbe and delay added to them)
I would appreacte any critisume or input on how you think they sound are they useable????????
I would like honest input from people who are not in the band or friends/relatives
thansk very much for taking the time to listen and reply
you can find the tracks at
thanks again for any input, criticism, tips, or if you like the songs/vox
February 16, 2013 @06:16pm

Hey here is some quick info on the tracks
thx for any feedback/critisum
PMU I feel is the weekest track
BIB/FMOW are harder rock
GTR/PMU are poppy
Delusion/DAW are slower songs
February 18, 2013 @03:23am

Hi, New here... came across your post first. You had no replies...so thought I'd post.
How long have you been together? Sounds like a very new band...
I've spent many years in bands, here's my tips and critique for you -
Bass & Guitar sound good, loads of potential. Keep at it!
Drums - Hard for beginner drummers ... if the drumming isn't solid, things fall apart and then it's hard to progress as a band. Sounds like more practice needed, and lay off the fills a bit, focus on a solid beat. Keep it simple and tight. Trust me, a great drummer makes a world of difference, the most important part of the band...things come together then.
Vocals - Sorry, sounds harsh but the vocals are not good. Being in tune isn't everything, if your style isn't to be so tuneful...but it's hard to listen to, and isn't helping the songs in your case. Practice and improve, or get a new singer. (trying to be really honest).
Songs - Potential, I think I can hear what you're aiming to get across...just a bit hard to get it with the vocals, it'd be good to hear with a different vocalist.
Hope that's helpful. Sorry to be so honest about the vocals.
March 7, 2013 @07:13pm