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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Hello! so my song is called the universe agrees. and i did it all myself so its not perfect quality. to be honest i dont have a clue of what im doing when it comes to producing music but hey, its my calling.
When I uploaded it to soundcloud it sounded weird. cracky. it like to the quality out of it. i dont know why. i uploaded it as a wave....
LISTEN HERE: http://soundcloud.com/embervega/the-universe-agrees-ember-vega
if the lyrics are hard to understand... im a girl
I hide alone with you in our hiding place. And I ask above how long will this ride take. Oh no! The universe agrees. Forever. Forever. Forever.
We're not enough to stop it baby so lets just dance some more. Our waves not enough to counter it baby so lets just dance some more.
btw i label my music dance music but im not really sure. im a noob at music. could it qualify as dance music? i was thinking just to start my own genre. lol :PP New Wave Disco xoxo
everything has been copyrighted june 2012
October 1, 2012 @08:54pm

Is this a wind up? This isn't the work of someone who doesn't have a clue....
March 7, 2013 @07:35pm