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Surround sound troubles..


Okay so I have a Yamaha surround sound 5.1 system I just bought. I have an A/V receiver I purchased on ebay. It has 6 spots to hook up speakers. 4 front speakers, (Set A speakers, and set B speakers.) and 2 spots for 2 rear speakers. I hook up my 2 stereo speakers to the A spots. My 2 Front speakers to the B spots. and my rear speakers go to the rear terminals. I have my subwoofer and center channel just chillin there not hooked up.. I'm not sure what to do.. I have a "surround sound receiver" and it has surround mode, but no place to hook up a center channel and a subwoofer.
Without buying a new receiver, what should I do?
Thank's guys!
April 8, 2012 @10:55pm

for the sub
check it - the older [better] subs often had a facility for being driven from the amp
else look for a commercial add-on
else make one! maybe easiest to have a resistor divider, adder, low-pass filter, then mono amp
January 27, 2013 @12:37am