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samsumg tv linked to amp


Hi I just wondered if their is another way to link my tv to amp other than using the headphones socket on the back. All the other sockets are all inputs other than the fiber optic out but can't use that
October 1, 2011 @10:30pm

I never knew of any other way to get audio outside of the headphone jack for audio output and then using an adapter to connect it to the amplifier, if you figure one out though it would be cool to hear about it.
March 19, 2012 @11:49pm

My 52" LCD Samsung actually has one set of RCA outputs that sends whatever is running through the TV to my amp. It is now my pre amp. HDMI for the cable, BD player and my HTPC all run into my TV from there to my EQ then to my amp. We don't listen to the radio so I don't even need a reciever.
March 31, 2012 @02:14am

you could tap off the volume control - using shielded cable - run it to the back to jacks you install............
January 27, 2013 @12:40am