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Fruity Loops 9 won't find my USB microphone.


Just installed FL studio 9 today. Was using FL 8 b4. Still have it installed. It never recorded stuff right. It always had a song jump every couple of beats. So I got Audicity to do my vocals and whatnot then just moved stuff to FL. Anyway. Since I installed FL 9 my audicity wont open and FL 9 will not detect my USB microphone. It just keeps trying to record from my labtop mike. And its very noisy lol. lots of feedback from it. Any suggestions?
Also, about the audicity problem. When I try and open it this is what it says,: Exception EAaccessviolation in module FLstudio VSTi (multi).dll at 00018906. Access violation at address 01438906 in module FLstudio VSTi (multi).dll. Read of address 00000008.
I click ok then this pops up: " Another instance of FLstudio is already open " When in fact....i do not have FL studio open....
February 4, 2011 @12:13am

Uninstall FL9, FL8 and Audacity. Make sure it takes all of the files. Reinstall FL9 and Audacity as well as ASIO 4 All for your USB Mic.
February 4, 2011 @02:18pm