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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Mix Mic Input with HDMI Audio


I and my family enjoy karaoke, but we now how all our karaoke / videoke sources in digital. This means that all the devices use HDMI as output. I'm looking for solutions that would allow me to mix microphone audio and HDMI audio before sending it to my receiver / amplifier (which has a pass-through to my monitor / TV).
Hoping for your creative solutions.
December 13, 2010 @05:50pm

Welcome to AF!
HDMI is primarily used by consumer video devices like DVD, Blu-ray players, etc. As this forum focuses on pro audio / recording studio topics, I don't know that you'll find the answer here.
At any rate, this thread doesn't belong in the acoustics and studio design forum, so I'm moving it to another forum where it might stand a chance of getting answered...
December 13, 2010 @08:18pm

Thanks. It was a long shot, but given that the objective really is to mix mic (or any analog audio source) input with audio from HDMI sources (which incidentally just happens to contain video, as well), I was hoping it wasn't that big of one.
December 13, 2010 @08:24pm