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Need to record dog barking - what kind of setup do I need?


I need to record my neighbour's dog barking. What kind of microphone can I use? The noise is not strong enough to be picked up by my computer's microphone.
I need something very sensitive. Is there anything cheap or something I can make on my own? I dont want to spend much money.
I've heard of microphones that we can fit into parabolic reflectors. What I dont understand is this: if I can hear it, why cant the microphone? Please help. The dog barking has been driving me crazy for many months now.
EDIT on 3/17/2011: Moved away from the neighbour (wanted a cleaner house), so thankgod, the problem is gone. Will come back here if I need to do this.
April 28, 2010 @10:44pm

Haven't found a microphone yet?
June 8, 2010 @09:09am

I very much sympathize you. Recently I opposed the similar task. I had to record my conversation with employer which didn't want to pay out all compensations due to our contract. A friend of mine from FSS (russian analogue of FBI) provided me with a portable recorder which was of a USB-flash size and at that extremely sensitive - surely captured every weak sound coming out from distance of 30 meters even through doors, pockets etc. In a that way I collected enough evidence to force the employer to perform a pay-off of a 15000 USD in my favour)). But that device costed about 3500USD. Maybe you could find some less expensive one in a store for security systems, or even hire the one somewhere at an detective agency.
As for standard setup you can limit yourself to aquire a simple 20-50 USD dynamic mic, which would be sensitive enough to capture dog barking. Or find someone with a condenser mic and preamp. :D))):):)
June 8, 2010 @12:16pm

A usb stick voice recorder would do it but the problem is "local" noise.
These things have an automatic gain control in them. Late at night with no other noises near the sensitivity will climb up and you will pick up all sorts of sounds, cough and it will clamp back down to avoid overload.
Yes, you need a "linear" mic/pre system then you could record on any decent Dolby tape machine.
The reason you hear the dog and the mic doesn't is because mics don't get hissed off by barking dogs so much!
June 8, 2010 @03:53pm