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K2600 hard drive install


I have a Glyph external SCSI drive which I use with the K2600 XS. Is it possible to purchase the K2600 Hard drive mounting kit, disassemble the Glyph drive and install it into the K2600? Does the Kurtz mounting kit include all of the necessary cabling; both power supply and interface, to install the Glyph drive, and plug it into the mother board? Thanks.
December 30, 2003 @10:46pm
Kurzwiel Karl

It's been a while since I installed my HD in my 2600XS but if memory serves me correctly, there's not a whole lot of cabling, just your basic ribbon connector
Why don't you consider selling your Glyph and buying an internal HD? I just purchased a 10,000 rpm Sony 9 gig for $100 shipped. I don't know what Sweetwaters policy is here on the board about outside vendors, so I won't leave any names of competitors here.
December 31, 2003 @07:51am

The hard drive mounting kit for the rack version is pretty simple, but the kit for the keyboard has a lot more to it. You should definitely purchase the kit if you have a keyboard.
Since the drive works externally you can be almost 100% sure it will work internally. There's a very slight chance the ribbon connector on the drive is different than the standard cable that comes with the kit, but that can be taken care of through a third party. You'll also need to be sure you place jumpers in the proper position to give it the correct SCSI ID (remember, by giving up the case you are also giving up your SCSI ID selector). Otherwise the kit contains everything you need.
As for mentioning other vendors - it seems rather rude if it's a direct competitor of ours, but otherwise no big deal if it's truly helpful (in most cases I don't think it's necessary for common items).
December 31, 2003 @01:39pm
Kurzwiel Karl

This is exactly what I was thinking and I appreciate your honesty with me. I love the guys and ladies at Sweetwater. Everyone has been so helpful and I want nothing but the best for them.
To be honest, I don't even know what their prices are for these items, and I don't think you can find many non dealers selling mounting kits for these boards anyway. Hard Disks are sort of generic though as there are only so many HD manufacturers and the same companies sell to Kurzweil as Roland, Korg.....etc.
BTW, great service comes with a price. Sweetwater deserves our business and support, cause they're the best that I've ever dealt with.
December 31, 2003 @06:13pm