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Changing the tempo during the song on FL Studio (tutorial)


I see someone else recently posted a tutorial on using instruments in conjunction with the global tempo of a project. Here is another tempo tutorial for FL Studio noobs out there!
Another common question in FL Studio is "How do I change the tempo in the middle of my song?" People have come up with time consuming methods of exporting the song in different tempos and the clipping the songs together. What if you want a progressively slowing tempo? What if you're constantly changing the tempo? Then what do you do?!
For those that don't know, the tempo knob in FL Studio is just another "controller" in the program. What does this mean? It can be automated! Try making a sample project in FL studio. Make an extremely simple pattern. Now draw it a few times on the playlist and change from pattern to song mode.
Now hit the record button. Click "Automate and Score." When you hit the play button, you will hear four clicks and the song will start playing. During playback, adjust the tempo knob higher or lower. Now when you play your song back, the tempo will adjust as you changed it during the song!
The automation for your tempo is stored with the pattern, so make sure you are using one pattern that isn't going to be used anywhere else in the song, or just preferably use a new pattern and call it "tempo changing." There's some playing around to be done to get this method of changing the tempo right, but it's very easy and saves alot of time.
November 13, 2009 @03:50am