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Logic Studio 9 or ProTools 8 - HELP!!


i'm setting up my first home studio for film/tv audio post-prod work and was almost set on a MacBook pro with an Mbox 2 pro and ProTools 8 LE . ive never actually used ProTools before (we used Pyramix at college, don't know why) but believe its the industry standard. but then...i went to my local store and was shown around Logic Pro 9 studio package, which seems very impressive and has great connection tools with Final cut pro. my question is then...which system shall i get, is this version of Logic as good as ProTools? and, if i go for Logic, will i be at a disadvantage in the industry (i'm just starting out) if i don't own or know ProTools?
please help, i have the budget waiting but i'm tearing my hair out which system to go for!!
August 30, 2009 @06:46pm

I have talked to a Buddy about this same issue.
His main beef was Pro-tools charging so much for up grades.
Running a protools system at the moment, ties his studio to that.
The concensious, for him, is to go with logic, if given the oppurtunity.
As for myself, I use Sonar, they have been very cooperative with me and my systems.
My gut feeling says Logic hands down, however, hang loose, as there may be some advantages for PT from others.
Sorry, that this post was the least of help in your decision.
Good luck.
August 30, 2009 @08:06pm

I will advise Logic. much friendlier, much cheaper.
the DAW comes loaded with loops, sounds & plug-ins.
no extra super charges.. will also recommend buying logic books by david nahmani.
August 30, 2009 @11:34pm

If you expect to be able to do Post work, you will need PT. Period. Anything other than cheapo. pay nothing productions will expect you to either a) deliver a PT session, or b) import a PT session.
Many indie films wont care, but then you don't pay enough to worry about it.
I do post. It is the majority of what I do these days. Mostly dialogue editing. I have yet to NOT be asked to deliver a PT session for the re-mixer to import.
With that in mind - my preference is to use Cubendo - workflow is faster (to me).
If you are composing to picture Logic is a good choice, but for audio manipulation at the level needed for mixing or editing in post... Logic is not the best tool IMO and in the opinion of many people who work in post.
August 31, 2009 @01:42am

Pro tools for sure. The thing is, Avid/digidesign whatever, bottle neck their customers with variations of Pro Tools. Depending what version you get can determine what hardware and software it supports. For instance Pro tools M-powered is more limited and supports less than LE, as does LE compared to PT HD. I too want to get into Post Production eventually, but if you want my personal opinion, I did a post production assignment for college recently were I had to add special FX sound and foley to a 3 minute film, I did it at home on PT LE 8 and I struggled with the track count because PT LE only allows 68 audio tracks. compare that to say, cubendo that allows 256. To do serious post work you would need Pro Tools HD with a mojo and the production tool kit (and even then you only get a 128 tracks). Which in total costs a fortune.
However I agree with dave, you are cutting yourself off from 9/10s of the industry unless you take on Pro Tools.
August 31, 2009 @08:40pm

@mellodge.. I think you meant 48 tracks. :)
I do primarily dialogue editing in PT M Powered. I got around the ruler (SMPTE) limitation by having someone with an HD system save me off several templates that will open in MP with the SMPTE ruler. If I am the final re-recording mixer I can get away with using Cubendo because I am providing either a stereo mix or 5.1 stems and don't need to do a session.
If I am only doing DIA and FX then often time I will work in Cubendo but then consolidate my edits and finish off in PT so that there is a session for the next guy in line.
September 1, 2009 @03:41am

Ah sorry, yeah. Out of the box PT LE 8 is 48 audio tracks, but with the Production tool kit it increases to 68. ;-)
But note: M powered does not support the Production tool kit.
September 1, 2009 @10:06am

thanks guys. looks like protools is the way to go... it just looked like i might get more for my budget with logic studio as i won't be able to afford the dv toolkit for a while!!
September 1, 2009 @12:47pm

tommyknocker - if you are just starting out, Logic might be the way to learn the ropes, but do plan on investing in a PT LE setup that can do 5.1 monitoring, along with the DV or complete pack giving you up to 128 audio tracks. Also, learn about the limitations of a PT LE system - some might be show stoppers (for example I refuse to mix music in PT LE/MP due to the lack of PDC - don't have time to screw around with re-alinging tracks.
September 1, 2009 @08:05pm

thanks dcwave. i'm not completely new to audio post-prod - have done a degree in sound design - the problem is we did everything on Pyramix (and i won't be investing in a pyramix home system!). i know logic a little and do not have much experience on protools, but im positive i can get to grips with it. my dilemma was what to start with at home but i think im gonna go protools as most people have recommended, and get saving for the dv toolkit and everything else over time, as i dont want to be in a position where i'm out of touch with the industry because i dont know protools
September 2, 2009 @07:53am

Logic studio is Cheap and Doesn't require any additional hardware to use (a decent audio interface is recommended).It has No Dongle and its Bucketloads of free plug-ins and effects (none of which require activation or registration).It is such awesome EXS (sampler) instruments and Can handle midi better than protools.
Everyone uses pro tools (industry standard).Its LE version comes with some audio interfaces (which ironically it needs to run).Pro tools is Both Win & Mac compatible and can use control surfaces
May 3, 2011 @11:49am