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Pro Tools MIDI set-up


I'm new to setting up MIDI in pro tools 8, I just bought an Oxygen 49 midi controller keyboard and I have it connected via USB and I also have the midi connections. I'm not sure what the right I/O settings have to be at, but I'm not getting any sound into PT. My iMac is compatible with the keyboard and PT.
How do I get sound from the keyboard and how do I set-up the MIDI in PT?
July 29, 2009 @08:21pm

Open an instrument track in Pro Tools. Add a VST instrument (such as the mini grand or the xpand2) into an insert on the channel, to get sound, make the channel record ready. There aren't really any ins and outs to worry about, but if your still having trouble make sure the input on THE INSTRUMENT CHANNEL at the very top of the channel strip says 'all' the output should state which ever vsti you chose. To expand it right click the mouse over 'A-E' and check 'instrument', this will then show you the vsti channel strip, the meter will also show if the keyboard is sending MIDI messages. You do not need both MIDI and USB connected, its one or the other, Ideally connect via MIDI.
The oxygen midi controller does not produce sound, it is a midi controller, all sound comes from within Pro Tools VSTi's , but as well as triggering midi infomation, you can also assign different paramiters to the keyboard. So you could, I think assign the sliders on the oxygen to faders on Pro Tools. You can also save up to 10 presets, so if there was a particular instrument you liked such as the mini Grand, you could assign specific paramiters to the oxygen, save them as a preset and recall them later...
Good luck with it!
August 3, 2009 @11:01pm

Thanks, I kind of missed something, I had to install Ableton Live as well, which I don't think I successfully did, cause I don't see it in my applications list, but when I do I know that Ableton and Pro Tools have to work hand in hand through ReWire. But I not exactly sure how to work the ableton program with PT.
August 4, 2009 @05:08am

MMM. I never bothered with ableton I thought it was just another record app. for your interest, you rewire an external app exactly the same way as any other vsti, provided that the app supports rewire, I run Reason as a rewire. if it doesn't show up in the 'instruments' menu then it won't support rewire.
August 4, 2009 @05:53pm

Im using PT10 and having trouble getting sound from my external JV880. It is recieving the signal but no sound. When I switch the instrument setting to a virtual instrument sound is made. I have my jv880 plugged into my digi 002, inputs 7/8. I-ve tried making a Aux channel in PT but am unable to get that to produce sound also.
I am also using a AxiomPro49 as a midi controller. Should I use the USB to the iMac and set up the I/O. Or use midi from my AxPro to Digi and chain from there. I would like to eventually use the AxPro when mixing.
Any suggestions? Im 3 weeks in and gray hairs are starting to popup. My first time to forums, so if I ask too my questions at once, please let me know. Thanks Joe
March 16, 2012 @03:22pm