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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Need Help With Dj Equipment/ Software


To Whom it May Concern:
First of all let me tell you that your site is incredible. I plan on using the information provided for a long time.
I am an amatuer at best. I will be hosting a party this weekend and looking to use my PC as a jukebox for the music. I have mixmeister 3.0 which I am using to play songs beat to beat without pauses between songs. My question to you is how can I optomize what I am doing. Here is the equipment I am using or able to use...
2 - Mackie Active PA monitors
2 - Off brand (older) speakers
1 - Crown Macro Tech 600 Amplifier
1- Optimus- (Radio Shack) 3 Channel Mixer
Gateway Pentium III 933 MHz Computer
I believe it is a Soundblaster Live soundcard??????
I also have two single deck CD players.
How do I set the system up?... Do I have the correct soundcard?
Do I need more?
October 16, 2001 @07:34pm

Theres not much to tell here. Just take the output of your SBLive and put it in an input on the mixer. Output the mixer to your speakers. For what you are doing you wont need much more than that i believe. If the mackie monitors are active you can just run the output straight to them, other wise you will need to use that amp.
October 24, 2001 @05:54pm