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Les Paul 500T pickup is too "hot"


The result is alot of finger noise(even with finger ease). I've lowered the pickup(bridge=500T) all the way and still can't get it.
Should I consider some type of cover, i.e. Gibson covers for it?
Any help would be appreciated.
October 15, 2001 @10:11pm

Last night I practiced for and hour and a half on the bridge pick with knob at "6". Not a "tinny."
However, picking rapidly simply picks up too much pick/ hand noise.
I have this post on three other discussion forums and no one is an expert as of yet.
One person suggested I replace the pick-up with an alnico.
Any other thoughts?
October 17, 2001 @05:07pm

Try using a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickup.
I think the gibson 500T uses an alnico 5 or 7 magnet, which can be very brittle and harsh sounding. I'm at a loss as to why Gibson even went to them.
The Seth Lover uses an alnico 2 magnet, a much smoother tone without losing gain or punch, and the SL's are built to the exact same specs as the old paf pickups.
The tone is fat and punchy, just like an old Les Paul.
October 28, 2001 @02:35am