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the brighter, the more expensive ..?


i wouldn't want to put this as a general formula. But it's been to my attention, that cheap material.. i'm talking the general stuff..
behringer, soundcraft, DAP/shure,..
is able to get the sound ok on tape for recording,. but you'll hardly ever manage to get the bright sounding celine dion vocal kinda stuff..
Some examples i've come across led me to this idea,.
when i was in Galaxy studios in Mol.. i was listening to some 5.1 Super audio CD, in the mastering boot,.. and you couldn't believe how well defined everything sounded.. the brightness. really it was immense..
When i bought myself a cheap headphone amp.. and i mean cheap.
Etek Partner. i tried it out and really it sounded dull..
okay, you may all think i'mm kinda going nowhere whit this post,. but is it just me or does there appear to be this balance between bright sounding tracks and high priced equipment ??
what's your idea about it
November 24, 2003 @06:30pm

i'm certainly not an expert regarding high end gear, nor do i really have any experience with it personally so i can't agree or disagree on the main point here, but its my understanding that the higher end gear generally employs "class A" circuitry--i think basically the internal voltage running through the circuits of this design is constant (wheras cheaper class b circuitry is intermittant), so to some degree, the really high frequency cycles are captured better than in "class B" circuitry, which i'd speculate might account for a perceived brighter sound from higher end outboard gear.
November 24, 2003 @10:41pm
David Klausner

There is a lot of inexpensive gear out there that is quite bright. The difficulty comes from trying to make something bright without being harsh. There is a lot of inexpensive gear out there that sounds fairly "warm". The difficulty comes when you try to make it both warm and detailed. There is a lot of inexpensive gear out there with a lot of low end. The difficulty is in getting a full low end, but also making it tight.
Bottom line is, IMHO, I'm not sure there is any single characteristic that sets higher end gear apart from less expensive units. With better gear, there are simply fewer compromises in circuitry, components, power supplies, etc., and that translates into better sound across the board.
November 24, 2003 @10:58pm

High end gear has better wiring, better capacitors, better transformers and op amps, better circuit boards, better manufacturing and better design. This, sadly, also equates to a much higher price tag as the manufacturing of the unit is much more complex. David was right on the money though. Ever looked at the frequency responses of mics and speakers? Many of them look very similar, but sound radically different. In general high end stuff just does a MUCH better job and cannot be replaced. I wish it wasn't that way though. I would love to go out and buy a Chandler TG1 compressor for the same price as a Behringer:D
November 25, 2003 @06:48am