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What is the best drum machine for on-stage performance?

zippo godukah

I use the ZOOM RT-123 drum machine in live performance settings (I bought it in 1999 w/the optional foot switch). It works decently well, but I have very quickly used all of the RT 123's available memory, and I've only programmed about 10 songs.
Is there any way to expand the RT 123's (or any drum machine's) programmable memory? I only use about 12 of the 300 pre-sets. I wish i could erase most of the pre-set rhythm patterns, IF doing so would allow me more programming memory. I estimate that i would need about 3x the RT-123's memory capacity for my act. (My drum machine has 100 programmable "units." As I've used them, these units range from 2 to 8 bars long, usu. w/o bass lines, but occ. with.
Does anyone out there know of a similar product that has MORE programmable memory than what's described above?
I am a guitarist /vocalist who uses the drum machine in small-venue duo performances. I strive for very natural, acoustic sounding drum programs, programming in many of the variations in beat patterns that a live drummer would perform. That's why I ran out of memory so quickly. Factors I need to consider would be: the ability to quickly shuffle thru different "song" programs, and that the product should be controlled thru a foot switch, as my hands are already busy.
Steve Hurl
October 16, 2008 @02:39pm