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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource. For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base.

Introduce Yourself


I get the impression that there are some fulltime pro's on here. Is that true? I assume there are also a bunch of guys like me who are just trying to do a little recording at home as a hobby?
If you dont mind, could you share what your level is (full-time pro, part-time pro, hobby, clueless). If part-time, what do you do for a living?
Years experience recording?
Are you a musician? What instrument(s)?
Do you record simply for yourself or are you running a studio with clients?
Are you handing out home recordings to friends & family or are you trying to market your material? To whom?
January 14, 2003 @03:52pm

For what its worth, here's my story.
I have played in bands for 25 years, but have only been recording for a short time. My primary instrument is guitar, but I play some keys (mostly to lay down midi tracks). I have no intention of ever selling my music - I just do this for fun, but want to learn as much as I can about the art of recording. I am tired of the live band scene and hope this will be my musical outlet.
My "real job" is with a national brokerage firm in St Louis MO where I am a regional branch administrator. I have been there 20 years.
January 14, 2003 @04:06pm

Well, I'm rather new to the forum, and have only posted here a couple of times (I'm mostly a lurker)
...but I would consider myself a part-time/hobbyist. I generally only record my band (Power of Omens)...but eventually would like to get more involved in recording others. I've been playing guitar for about 20 years, and have also dabbled a bit in piano and synth sequencing (which is what I also had to do for our recordings). I too, have only been recording for a few years, and would really like to learn more, and get better at it.
I just wish I would have known of this forum before the mixing and final mastering of our disc.
I know I could have learned alot, and I'm sure this board's advise could have made a BIG difference in our recordings.
Aside from the band and the recording, my full-time job is working for a manufacturer in our purchasing department.
All the Best,
Dave www.powerofomens.com
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January 14, 2003 @04:41pm
Robert D

Stratcat - Good idea. It'd be nice to know what everybodys story is. Of course, we'll have to keep in mind that every pro doesn't necessarily know what the hell theyr'e talking about, and every amature isn't necessarily ignorant, so be carefull when using the results to determine who's advice to heed.
For myself, I'm currently a non-pro, though I do cross the line here and there. I've been a pro before, and may become one again someday, but for now I like being an advanced hobbyist. By profession, I'm a Sr. Engineering Technician. I've worked in the audio industry, but make more money in the computer industry. I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist/drummer/bassist/blah blah. I went pretty far in the San Francisco music scene in the 80's, but didn't bust out nationally. I owned a small recording studio during the 80's also, but back then the equipment necessary to record label quality was hundreds of thousands, so I quit that. I went sailing for most of the 90's.
Now I mostly record myself and my collaborators, with occasional other projects. I've been trying to release a CD for way too long, and am just about ready to put on the shrink wrap. What I'll do with it from there I haven't decided, but it will be, for the first time in my musical career, my music, written for no one but me, not catering to my perception of what the industry or the public wants. It feels good to do that.
January 14, 2003 @08:57pm

Well my story is somewhat similar to Robert’s. I have been playing guitar for over 35 years. In the early 70’s we signed with Quality Records Canada, and recorded one full length album and a couple of singles. They received some airplay, but didn’t succeed like the record company had hoped. We were originally billed as the next Guess Who. After a couple of cross Canada road trips in the middle of winter, the band split up and I got a government job, and have been there ever since. On the good side I can leave the (crappy) job in 4 ½ years with a decent pension, at which time I plan to make the recording thing a part-time business. During the original recording sessions back in the early 70’s I got to record in the studio with Tower of Power and Bette Midler in other rooms at the same time. We even got to watch Tower of Power doing drums, bass and brass tracks. What a treat that was 
I did continue to play professionally in various bands over the years, until my most recent band called “Freefall” which split up in the mid 90’s. I decided at that time to set-up a small home studio in my garage to record my own music. I kept the name Freefall for my own recording projects. Like Robert, it allows me to record what ever I want, without any pressure to meet market expectations. My CD’s have a VERY small market, but I sell a few here and there, mostly to musicians. After recording my first CD, I took on jobs for other artists to make some extra cash to feed my developing G.A.S.!! I have recorded about a dozen CD's for other local artists, some of which have received (and still are getting) airplay nationally on CBC Radio. I finished my second CD awhile back, and we are now working on a third. I also still take on about 2 or 3 jobs a year recording other artists.
The biggest drawback for my studio is the size, space and design. I just don’t have the cash or the time right now to turn it into the studio I really need to make it a serious venture. At two small rooms it is sufficient for my needs at this time, but I hope to redesign the whole thing in 5 years.
If interested, check out my humble webpage at: http://www.members.shaw.ca/zuropak/willowcreek.htm I am always interested in feedback and meeting new people to trade CD’s or just discuss the whole scene.
Robert, I want a copy of your CD when it is ready
January 14, 2003 @10:59pm

I've been playing guitar and singing for about 25 years and started writing about 15 years ago. I'm now 38. In the mid 80's I wanted to put together a studio in order to record and collaberate with a very talented friend. I bought my first tape machine and other misc. intruments at that time and began to play as an acoustic duo. Did that full time for several years and then part time off and on for about eight more as a solo and briefly in a rock/blues band. I was divorced from my wife and my equipment in the mid 90's. Since that time my music has taken on very personal meaning. After years of off and on heroin and cocaine addiction I was set free. God did for me what I was unable to do for myself. Since then I've devoted my life and my music to Him. I'm currently working on a project called "Forgiven" and donate studio time to others with the same passion as mine who can't afford a commercial studio. My equipment consists of a Mac G-4 w/32 track Protools, A multitude of plugins and outboard gear, Lexicon, Sampson, Behringer, DBX etc. Taylor 414ce, Ovation Balladeer Special and a Fender double fat strat, Roland XP80 Keyboard, Roland V Drums, Zoom Rt323 drum machine, Fender Stage amp, GT3 Processor, Vocalist workstation, Sure KSM27, Roland DS 90 monitors and the list goes on. I am the executive director of a faith based rehabilitation program for addicts and alcoholics in south Florida. I hope to use this project, live and recorded to reach others who are in the grip of addiction which I once was.
Ron Cook
January 15, 2003 @12:56am
Matthew Skinner

My story is pretty long so I wont bore anyone.
currently I work for a importer/exporter and manufacter of pro recording gear. I help to design new gear as well as repairing faulty recording products. I also provide support for st audio world wide via their forum, i get small indirect kick backs for doing that. I do a lot of live sound and had 14 years experience with live sound gigs.
And lastly I currently have a small hobby studio full of gear which you can see at www.pcmus.com as well as some other things that I do.
keeps me so busy i have no time to record stuff anymore
January 15, 2003 @04:23am

Well, I'm 33 years old. Spent 8 years at university whilst playing part time for one of the UKs biggest pop acts of the early nineties - got ripped off. Realised that I preferred my hobby (music) to maths - fool that I was. Aged 27 I got a very large publishing deal from EMI - who I still have a good wroking relationship with. After a year I decided that letting other people mix my records was stupid (actually as I look back I think I was stupid) and set up a studio with all the trimmings . Made a good amount of money and learned loads (worked 60 - 70 hours minimum a week seven days for 18 months - went mad obviously). Unfortunately personal life suffered immensely - common story apparently ! Developed a very bad temper - you guys don't see it here but the A+R director of a label recently referred to me as the Phil Spector of Oxfordshire - and he wasn't referring to my minor production talents....
Sorted everything out 18 months ago and set up a proper production company - signed various bands to production deals and then sold them on the record labels including Narco, Six Ray Sun and the Domes of Silence (all very cool on the UK garage rock scene). Also started doing TV soundtracks (not very lucrative) and video game soundtracks (VERY lucrative if you do the big games !!). And here I am with lots of fun stuff developing ...
January 15, 2003 @09:43am

My story a lot like the others.
I have been playing guitar/bass/drums (my main inst)since the early '70s. Went to North Texas State for a music degree but actually graduated with a BBA in personnel Adm. Have been trying to make a living with music my whole life but have only been able to do it on week nights and weekends. I work a day job at a small aerospace company during the day as a subcontracts administrator(for 22 years).Started recording about 8 years ago with a 4 track mainly recording the groups I played in. Built my studio with the money I made in Bands tried to do the studio thing full time 2-3 years ago, but their was never quite enough billable hours to quit my day job.I have done a lot (10-14) full length albums the last few years ,many demos,radio spots audio for films/tv and the few oddball evidence recovery for court cases. I generally record 2 days a week and hope to retire eventually to the studio.
T-mix Studios
January 15, 2003 @11:03am

I'm 21 years old, I've been playing drums and guitar for about 6 years, I just got a bass not to long ago (I've messed around with them through the years, but never owned one until recently), and I'm trying to learn keyboards also.
I started home recording a little over 2 1/2 years. I made a demo CD of my band for my Senior project in high school on Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 and that's what started the whole thing...
I've done several recordings for friends & family members, doing collaborations online, and I just got my first "payed" outside gig just before Christmas, with a guy from my music theory class and another friend of his... (got $90, for 2 days work, so I was pretty stoked )... But that's probably peanuts to some of you guys.
I've been a part of this and other message boards for about 2 years and I've learned more than I could have ever dreamed. I do hope to be able to do this as a living (or at least part time) someday, but I'm also taking a degree in electronics at a local community college... Just in case the studio doesn't pan out.
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January 15, 2003 @12:03pm
Robert D

Ron C - Congrats on your recovery, and God bless you for helping others down that difficult road!
Great thread, looking forward to more posts. Cmon yall, we showed you ours, show us yours.
January 15, 2003 @04:55pm

I'm also 21, and a college senior, hoping to graduate this spring with a degree in history and music. I took 10 years of piano lessons starting at age 7, took up the guitar at age 14, and did 4 semesters of drum lessons as required by my (music) major. I've always been interested in electronics (especially computers and sound production devices), and have made efforts to record myself since the tender age of 14, when I experimented with Cool Edit 96 and a Soundblaster. Although I've learned a great deal since then (and moved up in equipment), I'm no where near "professional" grade (although I'm still working at it)...my next decision will be whether or not to pursue recording professionally, or go into some area of academia. Either way, I want to thank the members of this board for everything they've taught me in the past year and a half.
January 15, 2003 @07:21pm

Well i am 25 years old and have been playing guitar since i was about 10. I was a huge Kiss fan as a small child and grew to be an even bigger fan of heavy metal. Started my first band in high school playing mainly cover songs and started to write my own stuff when i was about 16. I was influenced by the more extreme metal bands like Morbid Angel, and i am still a huge fan of this style of music. We played alot of gigs all round australia, but never formally released anything. For about 4 years now i have been working on my recording and producing skills, mainly with my own projects but also with a few local bands. Its just a hobby for me, but hopefully one day it will become more. I work full time for a small company which aquires and sells satellite imagery. Most of my time is spent working on my Symphonic Chaos project which is aimed at combining classical music and extreme metal. http://committed.to/chaos if you interested.
January 16, 2003 @12:26am

I am 21, and am currently a professional engineer/business man. I am co-president in a label called focal records. I do all of my freelance engineering under the name ElectroBear Productions. I am able to pay my rent, and I am in the studio almost every day. It is not an easy life right now...but it is definately a fun one.
January 16, 2003 @01:58am

Hey guy's nice thread,
Here's my stats on the chopping block.
Real Name:Barry
Age 32
Band History: Standard Garage bands in the 80's, semipro through the early to mid 90's with a couple Christian Alt/Hard Rock Bands.
Currently in/out of a couple bands nothing solid yet.
Musical instrument(s): Drums 17 yrs.,also dabbled with acoustic guitar nothin' fancy.Wrote 50% of the lyrics for the last 2 bands i was in, and some chord progressions. I believe the i do have a good sense of song structure and hooks.
Recording: I would consider my self somewhere in the realm of semi-pro/hobby to some degree. My home studio is built in my basement, and has served for about a little over a dozen paid projects to date from demo's to albums. I believe I have mastered alot of the basics that make a very good recording, notice i did not say perfect! You can view my humble surroundings here. http://www.lo-zstudio.com
My real job is a Wireless Technician for a local ISP in Maine.
January 16, 2003 @10:59am