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Delta 1010LT Questions


Hello, I've been doing music for about 5 years now. I've done only music with no vocals through recording on a keyboard and mapping the midi through USB for the notes then using a sound font to take over due to my bad sound card.
I finally went and got a Delta 1010LT so I can start working on full songs and I'm farely new to a lot of this hardware stuff since I've used VST and a software Mixer all this time.
I noticed I cannot hear any sound at all but input is being shown through the master volume. I'm guessing when I plug my studio headphones into my computer or use the speakers they're being used by my on board card which isn't my default anymore.
So my questions are, do I get a Mixer with USB and plug that into my computer, then plug my headphones/Speakers into the mixer? Do I need to buy any cables to hook the Delta 1010LT up to my mixer? Not sure if I can find a Mixer for USB with Phantom Power v48 for my Mic. If not, do all Mixers have Firewire? I could just get a USB Firewire adapter or a PCI Firewire card if I must. I personally don't want to use a USB mixer anyhow.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
May 20, 2008 @10:49am

Don't get a USB or FireWire mixer, that completely defeats the purpose of the 1010lt. THe 1010lt is your new sound card, so you run all audio in and out of it. You just need an analog mixer. That should give you a preamp for your mic, as well as a headphone jack (the 1010lt only has line level outputs, no headphone jack). You would connect outputs 1/2 of the Delta to a stereo input on the mixer. The mixers master output to your speakers; and depending on how big the mixer is, to record the mic back into the computer, you could use an Aux Send, or an Alternate 3/4 output bus (if it has one, this usually requires a bigger mixer). Using a send or an alt bus will prevent a feedback loop.
May 20, 2008 @02:45pm

You don't have any level control over the tape in, so I'd recommend connecting it to a line input channel.
Which M-Audio monitors? TRS doesn't mean stereo.
You can connect your speakers to the mixer or directly to the 1010. Connecting them to the mixer gives you the advantage of being able to hear anything plugged into the mixer without having to turn on the computer. If that's not important, you could connect the speakers to the 1010 and setup direct input monitoring so you can still hear what's connected to the mixer without the delay of software monitoring.
I'm not familiar with the Tapco mixers, so I don't know if there is a quality difference between the 2. The big difference is the # of inputs. How many mic's would you need to run at once? How many line level sources would you be connecting? Would you even use the extra inputs on the bigger mixer?
May 21, 2008 @10:31pm

If the tape out is affected by the Master Volume then you could, otherwise I'd recommend using the 1/4" master outputs of the mixer, then either input on the speakers. Doesn't really matter.
May 23, 2008 @02:14pm

Alright thanks!
So this should be good enough for my order then.
Tapco Blend 6 Compact Mixer
M-Audio Studiophile AV40
Monster Cable Studio Link 500 Interconnect 1/4" - RCA 4 Meters
AV Link Dual RCA - 1/4" Cable 15 Foot (2 Of theses, to connect monitors to the mixer and mixer to the Delta 1010 LT)
Thanks for all your help and time, couldn't even get a good start unless some one like you came along. Thanks again! :)
May 23, 2008 @04:23pm

What a great form by the way:)
Its been 10 years im producing music all in VST and reason stuff.
now im decided to change my setup but!!! im just
What i want is i would like to plug instuments to my mixer and directly record to my CPU... Lets say a drum machine or a guitar.
Im using cubase for recording. What i want to find out is how to hook up my Delta to Mackie in order to record a guitar directly in to cubase!!!
March 11, 2009 @04:52pm