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Shure SM58 Versus PG58


Hi everyone,
I am told that Shure Microphones are by far the best mics you can buy for your money; I'm having a dilemma in which microphone to buy
Does anyone have any opinions on which microphone out of the Sm58 and the Pg58 I should buy?
I like to sing a lot and record my singing + guitars, I'm taking a college course in music tech and I'd like something that will be good for recording and live performance.
I don't have that much money and I can just about afford either of the mics but the SM58 is twice the price, so really my question is; will a Pg58 do the job for me just as well as the Sm58?
I'd love to hear your opinions on this, many thanks
- Strummer
July 3, 2007 @10:02am

The PG58 is the cheap version of the SM58
and the PG58 has an ON/OFF switch on it. not so good for using on a stage where the singer can accidentally turn off the microphone in the middle of the event.
July 3, 2007 @12:04pm

So do you think it will work just aswell as the SM58 in my case?
Where I want to use it for live performence - Where it will be on a boom stand as I'd be playing guitar. So the on / off switch isn't an issue.
Any ideas on the quality in comparison?
July 3, 2007 @12:57pm

i doubt you would be able to tell the difference in sound
July 3, 2007 @01:28pm

I think I might just go for the PG then to be honest, I'll have a look at some more reviews on it first though.
July 3, 2007 @04:02pm

Right, I've decided to go straight in and buy me a Shure PG58. Thanks for your help sabianq, We'll see how this mic handles (no pun) and I will post back. Cheers
July 3, 2007 @08:32pm

I'm one of those stupid one that owns both, for a year or so i was using the PG-58 because my broke ass can't afford a better mic, then i bought the SM-58, they sound similar, but the SM-58 deffinitely sound better. It's almost like that for most manufacture, they tend to have "series" and the expensive version usually sound a tiny bit better, whether it's more "accurate" "clean" "smooth" ect.. it'll sound better. I have both and i'll assure you the SM-58 sound better, it has less gain, but it's less rough and more accurate.
I would suggest a Sennheinser E835 instead, I personally think it sound more poppy than the SM-58, better for live performance, it also pick up better.
normally i would suggest that you stick to the PG-58 for the shake of money, but the jump isn't that much in these "casual" mic, i would get the SM-58 instead, now if you buy mics that are slightly better but costing 1K more, then i suggest the low end mic hehe.
July 4, 2007 @05:57am

I have 4 SM58, love 'em, also have SM57 which shouldn't be ruled out as a vocal mic, I used 57's exclusively for live vocal performance for years, before they become the "drum mic"
I have a couple cheap Shures too, depends on what level of performance you want or are at. Go to your local music store an try 'em out.
July 4, 2007 @11:09am

I now am a proud owner of a Shure Pg58, I can say I am very pleased. It feels solid and the sound is pretty good, I think for now I am most happy.
Thank you everyone who contributed! - Strummer.
July 8, 2007 @09:38pm