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M-Audio Fast Track USB and Sony Acid Pro?


I have a feeling this question maybe stupid but I have looked throughout the forum and could not find an answer... today I bought a fast track usb and I hooked it up to my laptop with an amd turion 64 processor and windows xp media center... plugged in my mic... I tried the ambelton software that came with it... I installed all of the drivers properly and I set the audio device as the fast track but when I try and record I get nothing on the laptop... I tried on my sony acid pro 6 and I got nothing on the input... What am I doing wrong or is there anything i should do?
May 8, 2007 @06:11am

We have to assume you have the settings on the soundcard correct for microphone and not for instrument or line-in. Those should be in the manual, as well as in the labels on the box.
Is your microphone a dynamic or one that requires phantom power? If the later, it won't work with this soundcard.
If the microphone is working, you should be able to monitor your input via the headphone jack on the box. Can you?
May 8, 2007 @09:12pm

How do I adjust the settings on the soundcard for the microphone? The mic is dynamic recording microphone and it came with a condenser.. I can hear the music on the program through my box playing in the headphones when I try to record vocals but the box isnt giving the vocals to the program... when i speak into the mic the levels on the recording track arent moving or peaking like it isnt recognizing that i have a mic. and i dont see any input on the box from the mic...
May 8, 2007 @09:34pm

I haven't seen one of these, but looking at the pictures on their web page, I see that the microphone input is XLR. You can't use the 1/4" phone jack input for microphone. Other than plugging the microphone in correctly, the only adjustment seems to be the front panel gain control.
When things are working correctly, you should be able to monitor the microphone input on the headphones, regardless or whether or not you are connected to any recording program. Just speak and listen. Also, the front panel signal LEDs (at least the green one) should light up.
I don't know what
"dynamic recording microphone and it came with a condenser"
means. You bought a package deal of two microphones, one a dynamic mic and one a condenser mic? You can only use the dynamic microphone with this soundcard (unless you use the condenser one with an separate, appropriate, microphone preamp and feed that into the line-in jack).
Can you plug something like a CD player or tape deck into the line in jack and see if that works?
May 8, 2007 @09:52pm

Hey Hghtower, Your mic requires phantom power in order to run.
May 9, 2007 @12:04am

Both of those are condenser microphones; no dynamics here. Neither is the type your soundcard's preamp will support.
I was looking at the correct web page. What seems wrong with my information?
May 9, 2007 @03:15am

sorry about that andy i didnt know
so basically i just need to get a mic that uses phantom power...
thanks guys
May 9, 2007 @06:20am

Backwards. Those microphones you have require phantom power. Your soundcard does not provide phantom power. You need either
a dynamic microphone - should work with your soundcard
a microphone preamp that supplies phantom power - to work with your microphones
May 9, 2007 @06:25am

okay thanks so basically if i went out and bought a shure sm58 it should do just fine?
May 9, 2007 @06:26am

Why don't you just get a box that will provide your mic with phantom power?
May 9, 2007 @06:38am

well basically im on a really tight budget right now... and i was just going to return the first mic for the sm58..
May 9, 2007 @06:42am

Another consideration vis a vis just adding phantom power. Your soundcard's preamp provides only 45dB gain. That is sufficient for some microphones but not all. Those condensers you have might not produce adequate signal with that preamp even if they were powered up. Make sure whatever you get will be happy with the amount of gain you have available.
May 9, 2007 @06:41pm