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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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TRI-Ac tech 21


Can anyone tell me if they've tried the new sans amp TRI-Ac and how it compares to the GT-2 sans amp.
thanks FOXC
October 5, 2001 @01:39pm

The GT-2 is an amp simulator while the Tri-AC is an updated version of Tech 21's Tri-OD pedal. It is a fuzz/distortion type pedal with more control that you can set up three tones and a/b/c
through as needed. I have the Tri-Od and it's great.
With it you can turn your amp into a three channel amp.
October 11, 2001 @01:30am

Hi FOXC, I can't compare the two pedals, I just wanted to say I also have a tri-od and after a year am finally finding out how to maximize it. And like the other guy said - they're great units, as I suppose all Tech-21 stuff is. But when I first got it I wasn't that excited because I didn't understand it. It is NOT a stompbox to put in front of another guitar amp. It is for direct recording or as a DI box to a PA. If the Tri-AC and GT-2 are anything like it, you can plan on lots of tweaking and experimenting to find the great tones that are surely in there. As for the Tri-od, the three channels closely follow the knob settings you would use on the three types of amps they emulate. (Fender, Marshall and Mesa Boogie). Knowing nothing about tube amps, it wasn't until I had spent some time with the real deal that I began to understand the critical interaction between Drive, Level and EQ for each mode. Happy to report I now have at least one killer setting for each of the channels that not only sound good for recording, but even live through a PA, vith a VERY realistic tube tone. Good luck with your decision.
November 6, 2001 @04:31am