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multiple speakers and total power handling...


Here goes. I'm going to add speaker cabs to my existing set up. I'll go with two additional 8 ohm cabs on each side (in parallel). My question relates to power. When calculating the size of power amp to use, do you total (add) the specs from the two (identical) cabs, or do you just use the specs as if one cab were there (since each speaker will "see" the same input)?
October 2, 2001 @04:08pm

The simple answer is you total up the power handling ability of all the speakers. Then, as a general rule of thumb I would double that value if you really want to get an amp that will have enough headroom to maximize what the speakers can do. Remember, double the power is only 3 dB more. This is a real simple answer and does not convey the multitude of potentially important subtle issues with regard to matching up amps and speakers. Maybe some others with more time than I currently have will chime in with more info.
October 2, 2001 @09:28pm

Thanks 'DAS'. I've known about how to select the right power amp for a speaker, but this is the first time this issue has come up for me. I posted it on another forum, got to specific, and got only answers regarding how to match amps and speakers ( ), so left it generic this time. You answered my question in your first sentence. Thanks again.
October 3, 2001 @02:14pm