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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Retuning/Transposition questions


I have used Antares Autotune with some success...it is great for fixing out of tune notes here and there in a track. However, I have a song in which the demoed version was in C, and the singer actually chosen for the "real" project wanted it down 1/2 step to B. No problem--however, there are extensive backing vocal tracks recorded on the demo that I'd like to keep for the project without retracking. Autotune is not really the right tool for this.
Is there any software out there which will transpose an entire track?
Brian Breen
September 29, 2001 @02:35pm

Try Pitch N Time - It is made specifically for the purpose of transposing entire tracks without changing the track speed or conversely, changing the track speed without altering the pitch.
They have a free download trail.
October 1, 2001 @08:10pm

Thanks, Pdupre...I'll check that out. B.T.W., are you a composer of the Curse of the Bambino Musical, or is that a Boston baseball joke? I am a composer of musical theater and I'm always looking to network with others. Of course, the real curse of the Bambino musical was No, No, Nanette. The Red Sox owner traded Ruth to the Yankees to finance that Vincent Youmans show, which did well in out of town tryouts, but only ran on Broadway for a year or so. Later, Brian
October 1, 2001 @08:45pm

Brian - This is a real musical that was a smash hit in Boston. We produced and distribute the cast recording. For more info, go to bambinomusical.com or beachhouserecords.com.
October 2, 2001 @02:22pm