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Adobe Audition 1.5 Help Please?


I have a long audio file (1 hour) of a rock concert that I would like to burn onto CD just like a normal "live" concert CD. i.e. There would be no gaps between the songs but the individual songs would still be spilt into individual numbered tracks on the CD.
The Adobe Audition help file says:-
"If you want to divide a single, long audio file (such as a recording of a concert that includes several songs) into multiple tracks on a CD, insert the file into a session, and add track cues at the desired locations. Then, choose Edit > Mix Down To CD Project. The cue ranges are inserted automatically as separate tracks."
I have added the track cues, inserted the file into a session and done the Mix Down but I still always end up with one continuous file on the resulting CD with no numbered tracks!
Where are I going wrong?
May 18, 2006 @09:24pm

Load Mp3
1- Go to View Menu Make/Display Time Format/CHECK compact disc 75fps
2- Go to Edit Menu/Snapping/CHECK Snap to Ruler (Fine) ** Important Must Be this **
3- Now place cursor to where you want the first track to begin and Hit F8 (Hit F8 at 0:00 if you use the whole mp3 then go to Begin Box Where Time is located to manually place in the time if you know where it will be. This is easier and more accurate, place cursor just next to the empty space next to Sel left click into empty background to lock in that time. That will send the cue point to exactly that spot in the wave. Then Hit F8) You will see little triangles when you hit F8. Those are the cue points.
4- To Make individual files of these cues Select Window at top/Cue List. This will display the cue list with all your new cues. Select all of these cues by clicking on the Shift Key and click on the first and last cue entry. Then click on Merge. This will turn your cue points into ranges. Where cue 1-2 is a range. Cue 2-3 is a range and so on. Double Click on a range, this portion is then highlighted in the Edit wave view. Once Selected, Click on File/SAVE SELECTION (Important or you will save the entire Mp3 and not the part/Cue). Make sure to save each Cue/New Track Open Save as type/Windows PCM (*.wav) and Uncheck Save Extra Non audio information. (Close & Save yes to all) When you save all tracks they will be ready to import into your cd burning application. **Last thing is to make sure your burning software/drive supports Disc at Once so it doesn't insert a gap between the songs. Also, it doesn't seem to work well if you try to save these as mp3's. SAVE AS WAV's.
5- This is how your cue list should look as an example........
Label Begin End
Cue 01 00:00:00:00 --- 00:07:30:44
Cue 02 00:07:30:44 --- 00:16:05:41
Cue 02 00:16:05:41 --- 00:23:28:73
Now I change the end result to this
EXAMPLE 2 (My Way)
Label Begin End
Cue 01 00:00:00:00 --- 00:07:30:43
Cue 02 00:07:30:44 --- 00:16:05:40
Cue 02 00:16:05:41 --- 00:23:28:73
You can do this when you click on the cue 01 and go to box to right and plug in the numbers manually just subtracting a frame in each end box. This seems to be the correct way. It makes sense that you end with a frame lower than the begin of the next cue. Logically, in example 1, it would seem that you are duplicating a frame, maybe causing a skip. So thats why I use Example 2. I may be wrong... but Example 2 is the way I edit the last frame. It Works perfect EveryTIME !!!!!
There is no way that this shouldn't work for you. Again probably your mistake is that when you save the cue... You are not double clicking on the Cue allowing it to be highlighted in cue list and in the Edit view... Then you MUST SAVE SELECTION or you will save the entire mp3, which you seem to infer is your problem. AND FINALLY Saving as A WAV.
I got this answer by using an old cool edit pro 1.5 video help file and recording it on video tape with my camera and playing it back on my vcr, pausing it, and writing these instructions on a sheet of paper. I keep this sheet of instructions in front of me everytime I do this. IT WORKS !!!!
June 5, 2006 @02:30am

We record all the rehearsals of my wife's band to CD. Very simple.
You can simply select the portion of the wave you want as a seperate track on the CD, and hit "F8". That adds that section to the cue list..
When done, open the cue list window, hold "ctrl" and left click the mouse on each cue until you have selected them all, go down to "merge: and you then tell the program what you want to call the files, and where to save them. Hitting save saves each selected portion of the wave file as a seperate track. It works well if you want to leave out talking, tuning, etc. sections.
That is the condensed version of what was posted by Kroozemissle.
June 7, 2006 @02:49pm