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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Looking for Lost Manuals!...


Hey All!
Any ideas where I can find any old Studio Vision manuals? v.3.5.4?
I need the AUDIO REFERENCE manual specifically...I have the rest, but need this reference to complete my set...
Someone gave me a link to a v4.5 site that has them...for that version...
But, I'm afraid it might not help, but I am not sure as I don't know the differences between the two versions...
Before I go through the trouble of studying the v.4.x etc. manual...
Any ideas where I might find a v. 3.5.4?
Or what are the Major differences?in interface? or was it just subtleties?
Any info would be greatly appreciated...
(for example I read ProTools v.4.0 for a week before I realized the major differences between that and my v3.2(Nubus only version)
Thanks in advance...
Anybody got a used copy for sale...or know where I can get one?
But, most likely their is a place online where I could download one, huh?
July 7, 2001 @02:28pm

Why don't you call the manufacturer?
They might be able to help.
If they are out of business then check ebay.
Good Luck
July 7, 2001 @10:59pm

FYI, they are out of business.
July 7, 2001 @11:03pm

Maybe someone on the v4.5 site could help.
They are current users and one of them may have an old set.
Just a thought.
July 7, 2001 @11:23pm

i've used versions 3.x through 4.22 over the years, and on the audio side of processing, there didnt really seem to be any major differences at all. 4.22 has a major upgrade with the mixer section, in which they added vst capabitlies and a better " console " look and feel with the mixer windows, but the audio menus all work and look about the same. you still have to open an external audio editing program if you want to do any major splicing, and it does offer the same time stretch/pitch shifting tools that it did in 3.x versions, same eq that's available, and a few other options. it basically works exactly the same as it did on the earlier versions exept for the plug in's capabilities. the midi section is a little different now. i cant imagine that 4.5 would be much different than 4.22, which, like i think (or remember) that audio-wise it isnt too much different than my earlier 3.? versions. (i cant remember exactly what version) . i may have an earlier 3.? manual laying around, may take a while to find. by the way, where did you find the 4.5 manual, that would be helpful.
July 31, 2001 @08:07am