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Drum machines vs EDrum kits?


I am a fairly new drummer, but loving every minute of it.
I own acoustic drums and a Yamaha DTExpress II drum kit. I enjoy playing both. I have been seeing these 'drum machines' and other similar devices. I am a computer person (do it for a living, so technology doesnt scare me, I enjoy it) :) Just not drum technology...
Anyway, I am looking to expand my current DTXpress II (on a budget of course) so I can have more fun sounds to play around with.
I guess one of my main questions, is should I buy a 'sound module', a drum machine, a new drum brain (like a v-club brain) or what?
Do these other sound modules/drum machines allow you to hook up drum pads? or do you generally just program them to make noises
Im just not sure the best route to go, because I am in unfamiliar terrirtory.:)
June 21, 2003 @12:49pm

If you're just looking to expand the sounds you have available, a drum machine may be a good way to go. It will work with your existing set but will also work by itself if you ever picture yourself wanting to program parts. Drum machines are also great to practice with to improve your time. It probably won't have inputs to plug your pads in directly, but it should have no problem connecting to your set via MIDI.
There are other advantages to the other options as well...a sound module will typically give you a wider variety of sounds, oftentimes with expansion, and are usually the best choices as far as bang for your buck is concerned. If you don't picture yourself using all of the features that a drum machine has to offer and just want as many sounds as possible, a module may be the way to go. Some even have trigger inputs built in, although all shoudl work with your existing setup via MIDI.
Another brain would probably be my last recommendation, unless you really wanted to expand the number of pads you used as well...they're nice and generally very easy to use and program, but they also tend to be more expensive for what they have to offer sound-wise. Since you already have one I don't think you'd need to spend the money on another.
June 27, 2003 @07:58pm