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microphone frequency response curves


this is information for comparison of different microphones. I have included some common large diaphram studio microphones I have found in various studios. SHURE and AKG
I thought it might be useful to see the data side by side.
If this information is not usefull, then I wont make a stink if it gets deleted.
studio condenser microphones.

The SM44 can be switched between three different pickup patterns

March 23, 2005 @02:39pm
Sonic Valley

Pretty colors
March 23, 2005 @03:50pm

where`s the earthworks?? you could sleep on one of their response curves.
April 3, 2005 @09:45pm

Earthworks SR77 Studio carodioid recording mic.

we call a microphone like this in the buisness a "calibrated microphone"
the response curve is very flat and will give you an "uncolored" representation of the audio source.
April 4, 2005 @01:36pm
Sonic Valley

Cool little thread dude. Gives peeps a chance to check out several curves.
April 4, 2005 @05:30pm

gosh... the SR 77 costs 2100 USD a pair.... !!!...
April 5, 2005 @01:58am

shure sm58 and sm57
The sm58 is a very common wired microphone in the live venue circuit.
I think it is one of the most rugged of all of the stage microphones.

the sm57 on the otherhand is an inexpensive microphone commonly used in studios for recording insturments and vocals

the akg equivalent microphones are
the D660

and the D770
April 5, 2005 @02:27pm

AKG studio microphones

April 5, 2005 @02:40pm

Oh yea, The Bottle by Blue

this $5,000 microphone recently showed up on TV with Chew-Baca from StarWars making noise into it. This Industry standard microphone has 9 different tops all sporting a different frequency response. click here to see the curves
May 3, 2005 @03:25pm

Yeah Sabian... this is an awesome mic... Would love to own one in the future...
May 3, 2005 @03:53pm

I would like to play with two of these for some bi-aural recordings.
May 6, 2005 @02:19pm

Telefunken 251
the highest regarded studio microphone in the industry
if you can find one for less than $14,000.00, buy it.

May 23, 2005 @02:47pm

Hmmm, perhaps i can find some parts and, build my own 251,
sell on a few on ebay and buy the real Mcoy.
I'll call it Telefunky area 51
May 23, 2005 @10:50pm
Sonic Valley

I just can't justify dropping 14g on a single mic...thats retarded...lol. It rox...but who can afford it. Hey...it's only 7g on their website.
I'm off to gold leaf my apex....
May 24, 2005 @07:13am

Hey Sabian... how about some nice ribbon curves.... :)
May 24, 2005 @08:30am