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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Fruity Loops and quantize?


I have fruity 5.0 and am using an oxygen 8 as my midi keyboard. I would like to make a beat using my keyboard to play the sounds while recording it in fruity loops sequencer. Just like I would with a triton keyboard(for example). i HAVE SUCCESFULLY hooked everything up right. I hit my keys and I hear sound with no delay. The problem is when I record my drum track and just about every other track it plays back out of sync like the quantize is off. What is a proper setting for hip hop? What do you guys do in order to make everything sound like the timing is right? Am I forced to manually fix everything in the piano roll editor? Help please....thank you oh and more thing...does it matter if my midi keyboard is going through the usb and not my 2xmidisport??
March 21, 2005 @02:36am

5.0 upgrade to 5.02 5.0 was full of bugs tons... but usually if there are delyaed u hear it's best just lower ur buffer
March 25, 2005 @04:54am