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Recording a Jazz Trio


I'm a music industry student at Appalachian State and for my senior project I'm going to record a jazz trio. I want to capture the natural sound of the group over a series of sessions. I'm looking for some advice on how I sould go about recording such a small intimate group. It will be piano, bass, trumpet. Thanks.
September 21, 2001 @08:06pm

What do you have to work with equipment-wise? Do they have a nice studio you can work with ?
September 21, 2001 @10:34pm

We have a professional studio with full array of mics and recording platforms. I will most likely record to a ADAT or Pro-Tools. I can't decide if I should setup a stereo pair and capture the group more naturally or to mic each instrument separately and mix it later. My main objective is to get a real natural feel and sound.
September 23, 2001 @08:25pm
Scott Gould

Actually, I would do both. Set the group up in a large, good sounding room & mike them with a spaced pair of large diaphragm omnis. I would also set up stereo miking on the piano, a ribbon mic on the trumpet, and close & medium distance mics on the bass.
There's your best of both worlds. Pan the omnis L & R , do a mix with the rest.
September 24, 2001 @06:29am

Upright bass? Ribbon or an omni on that. Then omnis as a spaced stereo pair in a decent hall. Bring in a little of the bass as needed and let the trumpet and piano balance themselves to each other.
Just passing thoughts......
September 26, 2001 @04:03am