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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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I Love Fender Products, But What the Heck?


I love Fenders products, i have tried alot of bassess...almost any major brand out there...and Fender is just my thing.
I was thinking on buying another P-bass this summer and i went to check out Fenders site...it appears that they discontinued some of the most popular finnishes and only have 6 to choose from, and all 6 arent exactly the coolest ones. (in my opinion obviously)
I really owuld like to buy a new Fender this year...but im gonna have a hard time deciding what colour i want, specially since im not a big fan of this years selection. Is it really that hard to have more finnishes available? Last year and the year before they had 13 to choose from...now its reduced to 6?
I like the idea of being able to select a finnish i like without having to use the option of the 'custom shop' that would make the price rocket.
Hopefully soon they will bring back the usual big selection of finnishes....hopefully :(
May 30, 2003 @08:38pm

What Fender bass are you thinking of purchasing?
I love Fenders too and was just curious:)
June 4, 2003 @05:17am

I was thinkin on an American Standard P-Bass, but i have decided to go all out and get an American Deluxe P-bass instead :)
June 4, 2003 @10:59am

You can't go wrong with that choice...enjoy your new axe!
June 7, 2003 @07:46am