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How do I convert a 16 bit wav to 24 bit?


I've been asked to submit a song for a compilation album in 24 bit format but it's a regular 16 bit wav right now.
How do I convert it?
I have Sonar3 and the Audiophile 2496 card.
Thanks - rev
August 18, 2004 @10:37pm

Samplitude Producer 7.0
August 19, 2004 @01:00am

I don't have that.
August 19, 2004 @01:31am

why does it have to be in 24 bit?? it's just going to land up in 16 anyway.
Howie J.
August 19, 2004 @06:09am

Most multitrack programs will let you set up the project as a 24 bit session, then when you import the 16 bit file it will transfer it to 24 bit format.
Most 2 track editors such as Sound Forge or Wave Lab will do the conversion right to the stereo file. Sonar may be able as well. Check out the different file convesion (export / import ) options of your software, it is bound to be there.
That being said, anyone who is asking for the 24 bit file should be able to take it as 16 bit themselves and import it.
August 19, 2004 @10:42am

There is a freeware wav concerter, converts bitrate, or samplefreq from single files, or a batch of files.
See http://voxengo.com/r8brain/
Or http://voxengo.com/files/r8brain_17_setup.exe for direct download.
August 19, 2004 @11:02am

Aewome, that means Sonar is almost certainly capable of it, I'll check it out. There's a compilation being made by a third party and they've asked if I'll put a track of mine on it - if they do the converting they'll probably charge me, besides - I'd rather have control of it myself.
Got it! Thanks.
August 19, 2004 @01:01pm

Take into account that the quality won't be improved when converting from 16 to 24 bits.
August 19, 2004 @05:25pm

Understood, the idea is to provide headroom for the remastering which will improve the quality.
August 19, 2004 @05:34pm

r8Brain from voxengo.com does not convert the bit depth - only the sampling rates.
August 19, 2004 @08:12pm

You are right. I just tried it myself; you could do a workaround; resampling first to 88.200 Hz, then a second resample to 44.100 Kz @ 24 bit.
But personally I think this is a bad way ; three conversions for some zeros to be added... (16 bit to 24 bit equals to adding some zeros)
Don't you have any software that reads and write 24 bit?
Like Soundforge?
August 19, 2004 @09:09pm

Yes, I believe Sonar3 will do it but I'm at work and I haven't had a chance to check it out.
I was in touch with the author of r8brain and he seemed to think it would be a simple case of importing the file and exporting it in 24 bit format. I'll know as soon as I get home.
August 19, 2004 @10:16pm

That program looks good, I grabbed it thanks!
August 24, 2004 @03:58pm

I already have Sonar3 which seems to do everything on earth you can possibly imagine - but sometimes I just want something small and quick for a small and quick job.
I used to get stoned and try to record ideas but the software was too complicated and I ended up using a $30 cassette deck.
August 24, 2004 @06:10pm

How are you delivering the converted 24 bit file? If you're putting it on a CD you might have to burn it as a data file rather than a music file. Or maybe you can burn it to CD but it just won't play back on a regular CD player. Weird. I'm with Howie15 though ... wondering why it has to be 24 bit.
August 24, 2004 @07:24pm