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Audix vs. CAD (drum mics)


Hey guys, recording newb here and I just had a question. I'm looking to purchase a set of drum mics but I'm not sure which brand would be best for me. I play rock and blues, and these mics will be used, right now, in just a home studio to learn on. The mic packages I am looking at are:
TSM411's Dynamic Microphones
ICM417's Electret Condenser Microphone
KBM412 Large Diameter Dynamic Microphone
Audix Fusion 6 Series -
F-10 snare/tom mics
F-12 kick/floor tom mic
F-15 overhead mic
Any help you can give me, or a shove in the right direction if I'm missing something, would be most appreciated.
April 26, 2004 @06:59pm

I haven't heard the CAD drum mics, although I own several CAD condensers and I like them a lot.
I have heard the Audix drum mics and they sounded great.
April 27, 2004 @06:22am

I don't know how much you're looking to spend, but of the two, I'd go with the audix set. To be honest, you might want to get a few Shure SM57s, a good kickdrum mic (AKG maybe) and a stereo pair of condensors (Maybe rode nt5 stereo pair). My guess is you would be happier with a pieced together set up, even though you would likely pay more. The nice thing about the Audix set is that most of them come with some nice mounts for your tom mics.
The last recording I did, I used a snare mic (sm57) two overheads (neumann km184s) and a kick drum mic (AKG d112). The overheads were enough to get toms and cymbols. I ran everything through a presonus ACP88 compressor and the mix sounded great (with a little tweak here and there), but besides the neumann mics, this is a relatively inexpensive set up. Just something to think about. Part of it also depends on what type of music you're recording. In my case, it was a small jazz kit. For a heavy metal... 22 inch double bass set with a lot of cymbols... you might just go with an audix kit. One thing to look out for is to make sure your overheads are placed properly... it's pretty easy to get some pretty nasty phase cancelations and artifacts in this area.
April 28, 2004 @05:53am

Hey guys thanks for replying, your opinions help. I think it looks like I might be thinking more towards the Audix set. I have been hearing nothing but good things about it. I was also thinking about the Shure six mic package and the AKG package as well. Now as far as the price I am looking to spend. That is around probably three to four hundred dollars. I could spend more but I really didn't want to. The Audix, Cad, and AkG sets are three hundred and the SHURE set is four hundred. I probably will get a Shure Sm57 either here soon or down the road. It looks like from what I have heard that is the best mic for a snare as well as many other things. I have a Shure sm58 now I probably could use that for now. I heard the two mics are the same except for the housing at the end of the mics, the sm58 has the foam. I priced those Neumann mics and wow their great but a little more than I want to spend. The type of music I will be playing will mostly be originals, but classic rock, the blues, Jazz, and funk will be the influence. I know that is probably almost every style of music, but hopefully that will help. It narrows out country and heavy metal. I also was wondering about 8 channel mic preamps? I have an Ezbus and an Ez8. I was told that I need a mic preamp because I only have two mic lines on my mixer, and if I were to put transformers on the mics that you would here static. I was thinking about the Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain Pro-8 ($229.99) and the SMPro Audio PR-8 II 8 channel mic preamp ($199.99) there is also M-Audio Octane 8 ($599.99) but I don't think I want to spend that much. I am thinking two to three hundred maybe a little more, but it does need adat light pipe connections and it has to have eight channels. Thank you guys if you could have any more ideas that would greatly be appreciated. Thanks again
April 30, 2004 @08:39am