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TC Electronics Finalizer... Need info / advice, etc...


After much research I am still debating which way to go concerning a stereo compressor
to slap across my consoles stereo buss. I originally had my heart set on the
Avalon VT 747 SP which is a stereo Compressor/EQ, then I was addicted to the Manley
Vari Mu and now I`m leaning toward staying all digital with the TC Electronic Finalizer96K.
My studio is centered around a Mackie Digital 8 bus console, I record onto ADATs as well as
Digital Performer via a 2408 MK II, it makes sense to stay in the digital realm at this point.
At this point I use Waves Gold Bundle for all my mastering needs. I love the Renaissance
collection yet at the same time I`m wondering if a Finalizer96K or other stereo compressor
(Manley, Avalon) would be worth the additional $2500-$3000?
Any comments/suggestions on any of these pieces are welcome and appreciated.
September 18, 2001 @07:21pm

i have a set-up similar to yours, and i have opted for the TC /finalizer 96 as part of my mastering options...i find it to be a versatile, good sounding unit...i use mine routed via lightpipe into a MOTU 2408 and can transfer two-mixes back and forth between
Wavelab and the finalizer...a 24 bit transfer...i find it interesting to mix with the finalizer across the Master buss in Cubase sometimes.
i can't tell you whether you'll think it's worth the cash, but i surely like mine...with the Waves software and the finalizer, i've rescued some shaky stereo mixes...you can do alot with a finalizer...i've got more to learn myself...
good luck and best regards,
September 26, 2001 @01:18am

Thanks for the info. Today I actually won an Avalon VT737SP to go along with my other which means I`ll be using both machines in link mode as my mastering compressor-eq. In the future I`ll be looking forward to picking up a dedicated piece like the Finalizer but as luck would have it, I can now bring some tubes into the equation and get warm.
September 26, 2001 @03:36am