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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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The Fcc Vs. Howard Stern!


Hello everybody!
So I just want to get everybody's opinion about the FCC trying to kick Howard Stern off the radio waves for good. Personally, how in the hell can they fine a man for speaking freely, considering that is part of our first amendment to our constitution, and then consider taking him off the radio? What has our country come too? Why is it that we have conform to the views and opinions of the conservative bastards that head the FCC? Wouldn't that be just as harsh as the "vulgarness" of Howard Stern or the "irresponsibilty" of Janet Jackson's wardrobe designers? Our government is trying to cap the airwaves for good. They also want to do the same for television. Damn, sometimes I feel like moving to Canada or Europe so that I didn't have to listen to the bullshit that the FCC and Bush preaches. What do you guys think?
March 30, 2004 @10:07pm

Good Riddance!
He's an overated hack who has the mentality and libido of a 14 year old male.
But that's my opinion, also protected from government censorship.
The original intent of the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution was put in place to protect the citizenry from the government censoring spoken and written political criticism. Howard Stern is NOT being fined by the FCC for his political commentary or criticism of the U.S. government. He willingly agreed to a predefined standard of decency. Once he crossed that line he was fined. Similar to you agreeing to obey the rules of the road when issued a drivers license - break those rules and receive a fine.
There are many US Supreme Court cases that have ruled that not all forms of speach are protected.
March 31, 2004 @01:01am

Howard Stern and shock jocks generally have abused the airwaves, which are owned by the people (a concept long held in this country of "public" airwaves) and are seen as a sort of "public commons" and as such should be free of obscene and indecent materials, which are harmful to children especially. Nobody is keeping HS off the other venues, (paid for by people who want to listen) i.e., cable and satelite radio and TV as well as print media and internet. He can say what he wants, just not on that area of the broadcast band set aside for "general" listening. This is common sense, not "prudishness," essential to keeping the society child friendly, which it once was but increasingly is not. For those who disagree, the usual yardstick for measuring the objections raised is a lack of children on one's part, sometimes coupled to a narcissistic veiw of life generally. IOW, I want what I want, and screw everyone else. BTW, If one would want that kind of fair, fine, they canlog on to cable and get it 24/7, and get one's European/enlightened world fix at the same time.
April 2, 2004 @11:27pm

politics sucks...
April 3, 2004 @06:00am

Originally posted by zdogg


Nice equipment list, each time a person uses the search function he'll find your list :(
April 3, 2004 @06:03am

Hey MrM and everyone,
I was asked to list my equipment on the Samp user area. I can and will certainly take it off if it is indeed causing search problems, and I really had no idea. does anyone know a way to work around this. Any admins. here? Please let me know what I should do.
Again, sorry for anyone's inconvenience.
April 3, 2004 @07:05am
Sonic Valley

Not sure how it messes up the search....never noticed....are you selling this stuff or just really proud of your specs...lol.
April 3, 2004 @02:08pm

My apologies to you ZDogg and Vance, I was wrong, the search function does not search in the signature.
I'll be standing in the corner for next hours, with my face turned red...
April 3, 2004 @02:18pm

Sonic - it's usually customary (at least in some other boards that I frequent) to put your computer/system info in the sig. file so that, when asking a question, someone can see what you're working with. This is very handy for people that ask alot of questions, as they don't have to retype it every time. It's also crucial for those answering the questions as the first thing they're gonna ask is - what's your setup?
April 5, 2004 @03:01pm