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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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hi all-
i've been playing bass for a couple years and i have a nice workingman's 15 amp that can hold it's own but i'm still playing on a crappy bass. i'm looking for a new one and i've heard a lot of different stuff about fender. some say they are and have always been the best basses and others say they're way overpriced and not made like they used to be.
any thoughts or opinions? thanks
May 19, 2003 @02:44pm

Personally i love Fender bassess, but i believe what you are talkin about all simply boils down to opinion. A Fender bass just might not hold the perfect sound for you...or it might be the best sounding thing you heard ever.(same can really be said about any bass really).
My best advice would be to try to seek out a Fender bass that holds your intrest and is in your price range at whatever local stores you have and try it out to see how you like it.
As for overpriced, i dont think so...ive been happy with my Fender purchases and i think the prices were fair. I believe if you are willing to pay the price for the bass you truely want, then its not overpriced. (in my opinion anyway)
I believe that Fender gets bashed alot too cause they are one of the 'big cats' in the field of musical instruments. And people have this thing for hating big corporations. I have this to say really...i think Fenders products are cool...but their service stinks, they dont even have a contact by e-mail on their website for if you have any questions or problems....every other company has one, why not Fender? I personally havent had to deal with their service dept. but i hear they are unfriendly and uncooperative...its a shame really, but i still love their bassess.
May 19, 2003 @03:35pm