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Help with D108 SCSI Backup (44MG?)


Please help.
I have a Fostex D108, which I LOVE, and now it's time to back up some songs and make room for new ones. I hooked up my Iomega ZIP 250 drive via SCSI, formatted the disc for back up.
I was SHOCKED to find out i would need 2 100mg discs to save a 57mg program!!!! What is up with that? Can any one tell me how to make this work? I can't immagine spending $70 to save ONE 300mg song (which is like 3 minutes with only 14 tracks). I might as well just spend $80 and get a 10gig hardrive to pop in there!
I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong. It does seem like the most it can transfer to a 100mg zip is 44mg (or there about), based on looking at how many discs I would need to back up my other songs.
I have a 250mg disc I can try, but if it says I can move only 70mg I'm goona really be bummed!
One last "stupid" question, how do I DOS format my ZIP disc? I asummed a PC formated disc would do the trick, but it just read as UNFORMATTED when hooked up to the D108.
THANK YOU for any help (FOSTEX didn't have any info I could find).
September 17, 2001 @05:11pm