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PCI-324 Console Question


What buffer size are you using on your PCI-324 console screen?
July 24, 2001 @08:27pm

It will depend on how many tracks you want to record and plugins to run all at the same time. Also depends on your system and hard drive.
July 25, 2001 @03:50pm

I actively use 1024 (Ive recorded as many as 24 tracks simultaniously), as a test, for 1 track (overdub), I've gone as low as 256. Ive seen some people that HAD to use 2048 (and even higher), depends on the system, if your buffer is set to low, you'll know it.
July 26, 2001 @11:51am

Thanks for the numbers. The reason I asked is, the PCI console has buffer size settings and Sonar and Cool Edit has them. Are they additive? Do you want to set the console to the lowest setting, then adjust within Sonar for least drop outs?
July 26, 2001 @01:26pm

Sorry, can't help you there, I tried using Cool Edit in the beginning, but the whole buffer thing just jerked me around, so I bought Nuendo and could record out of the box with this one. I suppose, however, there is a difference between hardware and software buffering.?
July 27, 2001 @02:17pm