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motu 828


Is anyone using the new 828 on a g4 Mac?Could you tell me how you like it.
May 2, 2001 @03:49pm

I'm not using a G4 but I have had some recent experience with the Motu 828. The short answer: it's exactly what I was wanting: no problems with PCI cards, simple to install, straight forward to use and great sounding.
The longer answer is I'm using an iMac SE with 256M of RAM. I'm not a professional musician, engineer or producer. I'm using the Motu at home to record my own stuff (so far I've only had up to 10 tracks with plug-ins). My only previous experience was with a cheap soundcard in a basic PC using Cakewalk. With this setup I never couId get past the latency issues. With the Motu I loaded up the s/w, connected the Firewire cable and I was recording tracks.
I'm just using the AudioDesk s/w that came with the Motu box and so far I'm pleased. The tracks sound nice and full and there are no issues with latency or synch'ing tracks. The only issue I've got to address is the AudioDesk's lack of Midi support.
Obviously you've got to consider my very modest experience and background, but I recommend it.
June 10, 2001 @11:27pm