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Choosing a Recording School, Really Need Help !


I'm trying to choose a recording school to go to in the next few months but I live in India so I have nothing much to go by except for the websites of the schools. I want to go to a good school with great equipment, faculty, internship and placements. Cost is not really the factor, cause I can try for financial aid (I'm a U.S. citizen). I was really impressed with Fullsail, Ex'pression for New Media, Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, and Los Angeles Recording Workshop. I know that the length of the course in the first 2 is about double the length of the course in the second 2. Does this extra training in the first 2 make a lot of difference ? Is anyone here a graduate or a student of any of these schools or any other good schools ? I really need suggestions and help because no one here knows anything about recording schools. Thank you so much.
September 16, 2001 @12:42am

I am currently attending the conservatory of recording arts in tempe. I am extremely happy with it so far, the instructors are great and the gear is in step with the industry. But a word of advice. None of the recording schools really teach you how to record, they just basically teach you the theory. When you start working in a professional studio with engineers who have been doing it for the past fifteen to fourty years, thats when you truely learn how to record. Hopefully the schools can help you get your foot in the door, what you do after that is dependent on how bad you are willing to work for it.
Good luck
September 25, 2001 @06:53pm

I was at the bookstore today and noticed that "Home Recording" magazine has a rundown on all the recording degree programs and schools in the US. You should check it out.
September 26, 2001 @03:23am

I went to Full Sail, so I can comment on that school. I learned the basics there from industry veterans. It's overpriced for what it is, yet it is a very good school. I can't complain. I ended up landing my dream job at Smart Studios in Madison, WI after attending there. I could've stayed there had I chosen to, but decided to go my own way after a little over a year (now I have my own studio).
Getting into the music industry is much more than having good ears, and drinking beer. Full Sail does a good job of teaching you how to get into the circle, and what to expect. That's probably the number one thing you'll get from any of those schools. Sure, you learn a lot about sound and recording, and this is also important...but you'll learn the really important things regarding recording when you're actually in the real world.
Don't waste your time and money going to school if you don't want to spend literally 80-100++ hours a week in the studio. You just won't make it if you aren't convinced that you can do that. It really is extremely difficult. If you plan on landing in LA or NY be prepared to be verbally abused and treated like total shit. That's no lie, that is your future there. Many producers in those really high end places have no regard for people, and have lived off of the phat of their own ego for a long time. I worked with one of them, and it was seriously the worst three weeks of my life. That is also why I chose to open up my own studio. I don't have time for assholes like that, not a minute more of my life will be spent like that.
Anyways, Full Sail is great, but like all of those schools, it's really only a preschool.
October 2, 2001 @03:22am