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Convert .gig to .sf2 for Livesynth use...how?


I have Bob Clearmountain drums 2 for Gigasampler, but find GS very cumbersome to use.
I have heard that Sonar and Livesynth work well together, but would like to try to convert my BC drums 2 disc to .sf2 before I go buy a Sonic Implants disc.
Does anyone know how to do this?
I do like the sound of the Sonic Implants large ambient drums and the disc is only $29 so if this conversion is buggy or difficult, I'll just buy the SI disc.
April 3, 2003 @02:31pm

You can convert Gig to SF2 with Awave, www.fmjsoft.com but it's quite pricey,
99 USD. You can manage with demo, only
problem is that it converts only one
file and then you have to launch it again!
And there is too this Extreme Translator,
from Polish company, and it's only 29 bucks!
April 8, 2003 @04:19am